The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Hair Extensions Installed

Those locks of thick, long, flowing hair that add volume and style to any women’s image have long been a mainstay for the celebrity elite. In today’s world, however, hair extensions are no longer the privilege of wealthy, Hollywood celebrities. The advancement in hair extension technology offers a variety of options and possibilities that can adapt to any person’s budget and desired style.

But before you make your appointment with your stylist to get those extensions, there are some important things to consider. In this brief article, we’ll look at some of the “do’s” and “dont’s” of the hair extension world to help you find the style and technology that best fits your goals and budget.

Do Find a Professional Stylist

Installing hair extensions isn’t as simple as just clipping in a lock of hair to your natural hair. Though the internet is full of “do it yourself” ideas, you do run the risk of having your extension be noticeable and of bad quality if you choose to try and install them yourself. Professional stylists with experience in coloring and installing extensions will help you to achieve the beautiful look of long, voluminous hair without anybody noticing your hair extensions.

Always book a consultation first as your stylist will be able to offer you important advice regarding what types of hair extensions are best for your type of hair and your goals behind the extensions.

Do Consider your Own, Particular Lifestyle

Having a professional stylist install your extensions is only the first step in maintaining the great hairstyle that extensions offer. You’ll also have to dedicate time to keep your extensions in great shape. On average, having extensions will add a couple of minutes every day to your morning routine, and if you’re not a person capable of dedicating the time to the important maintenance regime that extensions demand, they might not be right for you.

Do Be Realistic

Although quality hair extensions will add volume, length and style to any women’s image, the scale of change will vary according to your own particular hair type and the style of hair you had prior to getting your extensions. If your hair is thin, fine, and straight as a ruler, then it would be wishful thinking to believe that extensions will automatically turn your hair into the full lion’s mane reminiscent of the best Hollywood diva.

The strength and thickness of your natural hair will determine what you can actually achieve with extensions. Also, if your hair is excessively short, then you’ll probably want to grow it out before attempting a full head of extensions. Extensions do put extra stress on your hair and you want to make sure that your hair can take that stress.

Don’t Abandon your Extensions to their Own Luck

It wouldn’t be wise to believe that your hair extensions will hold their beauty by themselves for months on end. Your natural hair will continue to grow which means that if you want your extensions to continue to remain unnoticeably beautiful, you’ll need to schedule some routine maintenance routine with your stylist.

Most types of extensions can be reused as they are reattached to your natural hair closer to your scalp as they grow out. Also, you’ll need to be dedicated to your daily grooming routine unless you want your extensions to look ratty and tangled.

Do Consider Your Extensions as an Investment

You wouldn’t buy the cheapest car at the auto lot just because of the price, but would also consider a myriad of other factors relating to the durability of the car, it’s appearance, and how it fits to your lifestyle. The same goes for your extensions. Quality hair extensions can cost in the thousands, but they will last for months and be a vital part of your image in the long term.

Extensions made from human hair are the highest quality on the market, and they allow you to use them as if they were your natural hair. They are completely compatible with heat styling devices and you can reuse the extensions as your natural hair grows out over time. The cheaper, synthetic options limit how you can style your hair and won’t last as long though they are quite a bit cheaper. If you dream of great looking long hair extensions that will last close to a year, consider investing in the highest quality products on the market.

Don’t Rely on Heat

Using heat on your hair will inevitably damage it over the long run, and the effect of heat is only multiplied when used on extensions. Synthetic extensions simply can’t take the heat as they may melt. Natural hair extensions are compatible with heat styling devices, though you’ll need to be careful about how often you use them if you want your investment to last for the long run.

If you do choose to curl your extensions on a regular basis, be sure to use heat protecting sprays on your extensions to protect your hair as much as possible. Also purchase hair styling devices made from titanium or other heat retaining materials so you don’t have to go over and over your hair to get the style you’re aiming for. Lastly, the better quality heat styling tools will allow your extensions to hold the style for days on end thus making it unnecessary to repeat the style day after day.

Don’t Neglect Your Hair

The quality of your hair extensions will also depend on how well you care for your natural hair as well. Every type of hair extension is anchored to your head via your natural hair close to your scalp. If you natural hair is weak thin or mistreated, the greater the chances that your hair extensions will fail, fall out or look messy and unnatural. Before deciding to install your hair extensions, take a month to give your natural hair time to recover. Avoiding heat styling or coloring of your natural hair for a few weeks will allow it to recover its natural strength thus helping your hair withstand the extra pressure once your extensions are installed. Also, deep conditioning your natural hair on a regular basis will help keep your natural hair in top quality to hold up your extensions.