Finding the Perfect Length for the Best Looking Hair Extensions

A Stylist Explains How to get the Perfect Length for Your Best Look

Every woman has dreamed at some time or another of having long, flowing hair full of texture and volume. Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to have been born with the genes to allow for that idealized type of hair. Hair extensions allow women to achieve the type of hair that their genetics don’t allow for.

But what length of hair extensions is right for you? Karen with Palm Beach Salon has been helping women achieve the look they desire for over 10 years and know that great looking extensions don’t only depend on the length of the extensions themselves.

“The shape and texture of your extensions are just as important as the length,” says Karen from Palm Beach Salon. “Many women today may be happy with the length of their hair, but want to get great looking extensions because they dream of adding volume or texture to their hair,” adds Karen. “Extensions can also offer different types of styles and color patterns such as the ombré style or traditional highlighting and many women come to the world of hair extensions for these reasons as well.”

Before choosing a length for your hair extensions, it is good to consider the following questions:

  • Are you trying to lengthen your hair while your natural hair grows out from a previously short style?
  • Do you want to add length to your already long natural hair?
  • Would you like to add volume to thin or brittle hair?
  • Do you simply want to experiment with new and trendy hair styles or colors?

Your Desired Length

Although 20″ hair extensions are generally the most popular hair extension length, it’s good to experiment with different lengths of hair before coming to a definitive decision. A cheap clip-in extension from your local mall can be used to give you an idea of how long you want your hair to be. For example, if your hair is shoulder length, say 12 inches long, and you want it to fall to the middle of your back, you will have to add 4 inches to get 16-inch long hair. Knowing how long you want your hair before booking your appointment at the salon is an important first step you can do at home by yourself.

How you Plan to Style Your Hair

Another important thing to consider regarding the length of your extensions is how you plan to style it. Let’s say that you want to get curly hair extensions that are 14 inches in length. If you do plan to use a straightening iron once in awhile for those special occasions, you’ll need to be aware that your curly, 14 inch extensions will grow to about 16 to 17 inches when straightened. If you love to change your hair style on a weekly basis, take into account how different styles will affect the length of your extensions.

The Right Length for Your Face Shape

The shape of your face will also play an important part in what length of extensions will be right for you. Finding a length and style that highlights the most beautiful aspects of your face will be the most determining factor in whether or not your extensions were an investment that was worthwhile.

Often referred to as an “upside down triangle”, a heart-shaped face is characterized by the cheekbones and forehead being wide and the jaw being narrow and pointed. The jaw is often more pronounced in comparison to other areas of the facial features. Heart-shaped faces don’t match up well with short blunt bangs or choppy layers. Hair Extensions Tip: Go with hair extensions that are between 12-16” long. Couple that with soft layers in the front which will highlight your cheekbones. It is recommended that you add a side swept bang or a fringe bang that gets longer at each end point.

A square face is characterized by the forehead and jawline being similar in width and the jawline being square in appearance. Some would say that this is unflattering, but many Hollywood stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow have square faces that they use to their advantage. Finding the right length and style is of utmost importance to highlight the natural beauty of a squared face. Do avoid one length bobs, the longer the hair, the better. Hair Extensions Tip: Wear your hair extensions wavy or straight, but make sure they are long enough to fall below the jaw line. Layered, wavy hair is highly recommended as it tends to soften the lines of the face. Couple your wavy hair style with a soft, side swept bang which can help draw attention to the eyes.

Hair styles that fall below the chin are the best option for women with rounded faces as it gives the impression of thinning the face. If you want a wavy or curly extensions, it’s best to get those curls or waves started below the chin line otherwise your face may gain the impression of having extra width.

For women with long, thin faces, adding width and volume with layers is your best bet. Adding volume is usually the number one priority for women with long faces and extensions can definitely help you achieve that goal. Long layered cuts is the best style of extensions that work for this type of face.