Your Most Common Questions: A Hair Extension Specialist Answers Your Lingering Doubts

Everybody dreams of having those long, flowing locks of hair that cause envious stares from passersby, but not everyone has the genetic material that allows for gorgeous, long hair. Hair extensions have always been a possibility, but you may have worried about the long term damage to your hair or about those hideous pictures on Instagram of hair extensions gone bad.

Karen with Palm Beach Salon is here to answer some of your most urgent questions and doubts regarding hair extensions. Once the misconceptions about hair extensions have been cleared up, you may find the confidence to finally make your appointment with your stylist to get the long, beautifully flowing hair that you deserve.

Am I the Right Kind of Person for Hair Extensions?

The most important thing is that you need to have hair that is at least 3-4 inches long. Any shorter than that and you risk not having a strong enough bond between the extensions and your natural hair. Also, your hair should be strong and healthy. If you have recently dealt with hair loss or rapid thinning, your hair may not be strong enough to take the extra stress from the extensions. If you fit those two criteria, than your hair is apt to receive extensions.

Will Extensions Damage my Natural Hair?

It isn’t hard to take care of extensions, but you will need to take the extra time to care for them. When installed properly by a trained, professional stylist, extensions shouldn’t damage your hair in any way. If, however, you have extremely fine hair, there are different methodologies and technologies for installing hair extensions that are less of a risk for damaging your hair than others. Talk to your stylists about the installment options available and what would be the best option for your hair.

Will my Extensions be Noticeable to Others?

That will depend on the stylist who installs your extensions. When done professionally, there is no reason that anyone should be able to tell you’re wearing extensions. Finding an extension that perfectly matches your natural hair color, texture, and thickness is a must. Though the more expensive installation technologies are longer lasting, even clip-in extensions can be unnoticeable if installed correctly. Great looking extensions that are put in by a professional can be worn in any style without anyone knowing but you.

How Long will Bonded Hair Extensions Last?

The highest quality bonded hair extensions can last anywhere between 3 to 8 months any maybe even longer depending on your maintenance regime, the stylist that helped you install them, and your own individual hair strength. Also, the type of hair used in the extension will also determine the durability of your extensions. 100% Natural Remy hair made from real human hair will usually last much longer than the cheaper synthetic fibers.

What are the Best Brands for Hair Extensions?

There are dozens of companies that make and market hair extension products. From Bellami, to Luxury to Perfect Locks, every brand has their own specialty products and specializes in different types of hair extension technology. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hair extension brand is the quality of hair used. Does the brand use cheap, synthetic fibers or real Remy human hair? If they do use synthetic fibers, what is the quality of those fibers?

There isn’t a hands down “best” hair extension brand. The right brand for you will depend on your own hair type and the look you’re trying to create.

Hair Extension Specialist: Karen

Karen has been around hair extensions for the greater part of her life. “I started wearing extensions when I was a teenager and have experimented with pretty much every type of hair extension technology there is.”

From clip-ins to cold fusion bonded extensions, Karen knows intimately the pros and cons of every type of hair extension that is on the market. “Hair extensions allow me to add volume and length to my normally straight hair,” says name of stylist. “I have used bonded technology for times in my life when I wanted a more permanent long-hair look, but have also used clip-ins for a quick fix for a party.”

When clients visit Name of stylist’s salon, she offers personalized advice based on each client’s hair type, image they want to create and other personalized factors. “Everyone comes to the hair extension world for different reasons, so there is no universal answer. We try to help each individual client find the best solution for their hair extension needs.”